Who We Are
"The Johnson County Family Crisis Center provides a soft place for victims of family violence and sexual assault to land in their time of need." (Charline Adame, A Beloved Former Employee)

The Johnson County Family Crisis Center provides hope and healing to children, women, and men who have been or are currently living in an abusive environment. With a large amount of our homeless shelter clients being children, we provide lifesaving, compassionate services to enable these children to live a life free of abuse in their personal homes.
Mission Statement
Founded in 1983, the Johnson County Family Crisis Center's mission is to eliminate family violence and sexual assault. We provide shelter and support services to enable survivors to live violence free-lives. Through educational programs, we will encourage active community participation in reforming the conditions and perceptions that perpetuate family violence and sexual assault.

Our vision, leadership, and actions empower survivors to advance their roles, their rights, and their well-being.
The Johnson County Family Crisis Center was incorporated in 1983 as a non-profit organization. This was relatively early in the battered women's movement. A group of caring and concerned volunteers started the center using their own personal resources. A debt of gratitude is owed to his group of volunteers.

As the community and law enforcement agencies learned about the Johnson County Family Crisis Center and the services offered, the demand for assistance grew. In 1985, this prompted the establishment of a 24-hour crisis helpline. This was the first of its kind in Johnson County.

Funds were raised in 1985 to rent a small house to use as a family shelter and an office for the volunteers. Within three years, the increasing demand for services again required another step forward. A counseling center was opened in January 1989 in a single store-front neat the courthouse. The agency continued to grow. During this time of change and growth, the original group of volunteer women who formed the Board of Directors, remained active.

The building that the Johnson County Family Crisis Center was renting was sold and the counseling center was moved to a larger facility to 190 N. Ridgeway where progress and growth continued. Early in 1996, the Johnson County Family Crisis Center purchased the old Santa Fe Dormitory building. Extensive renovation was required to convert the building into administrative and counseling offices as well as a shelter with the capacity to house up to 30 residents. July 1996 was a memorable month, as the renovations were complete and moving day arrived.

In the early Spring of 2013, the Family Crisis Center purchased and relocated to our new facility!!! The administrative offices and counseling center is now located at 660 County Road 903 in Cleburne.  The shelter center has relocated, as well. The new location will provide a very relaxed and healthy environment for clients both resident and nonresident. 
A BIG thank you to Ralph Llittlejohn for his expertise and dedication to the project.  We could not have accomplished it without him!!!! 

The Johnson County Family Crisis Center provides temporary emergency shelter for victims of family violence and sexual assault. Our goal is to provide victims a safe place while they explore their options. Residents are provided housing, food, clothing, counseling, advocacy, and any assistance possible in helping them make the necessary changes to move forward with their lives. The shelter center is manned with staff 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The Johnson County Family Crisis Center employs licensed therapists who provide individual as well as group counseling to victims of family violence and sexual assault. A women's issues group, domestic violence education, and parenting group are offered continually. The center has a program director, children's services coordinator, case manager, legal advocate, volunteer coordinator and other positions as well. The center also maintains a 24-hour crisis helpline. All services are provided free of charge.

Donated items are accepted in the form of monetary, volunteer time, food, clothing, furniture and other household goods. Donations which are not utilized by the center or clients are donated where they will benefit individuals in need throughout the community.

Facts & Stats

Helping Children and Youth Prevent Violence

  • We teach more than 150 workshops on violence prevention to local elementary, middle, and high school students in our community.
  • We reach over 50 organizations to promote messages of prevention, safety, and support.
  • We work with local school districts to provide prevention related education to enable students to thrive in a healthy campus environment. 

 Helping Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (2015 Stats)

  •  The center provided more than 6,305 emergency shelter days assisting children and families fleeing domestic violence.
  • The center provided more than 2,960 support and advocacy counseling sessions and groups for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault (children, women and men).
  • We provide more than 1,800 free meals and snacks for victims.
  • The center provided more than 4,000 hours of trauma-focused therapeutic counseling and support groups for children, women and men.
  • More than 100 victims were provided free legal assistance (protective orders, divorce, and child custody).
  • More than 366 victims of sexual assault were provided therapeutic counseling, hotline support, support groups, and other crisis services.
  • We provide lifesaving compassionate services to children.
  • More than 100 education programs training professionals and the community at-large about domestic violence and sexual assault were conducted.
  • Full-time Bilingual advocacy is provided by trained staff and volunteers. All services that are provided in English are also provided in Spanish. All center documents and forms are available in English and Spanish as well.
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