Your Gift Changes Lives
Donations made to The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County assist in carrying out daily operations, or donors can request their donation be used for specific projects. All donations, no matter how small, can have the ability to help in BIG ways. The generous contributions made by you and the rest of our supporters is what allows Family Crisis Center of Johnson County to continuously provide services to victims in need, assisting them on the journey from victimization to empowerment.  Ways To Donate Kroger CardThe crisis center participates in the "Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program." Kroger will donate a percentage of each... Read The Rest
Ready To Make A Difference?
At the Family Crisis Center of Johnson County in Johnson County, Texas, every volunteer is a vital part of our team. Our goal is to find the right opportunity for every volunteer. There are many ways you can be involved with us and contribute to a meaningful cause. There are many reasons to volunteer at Family Crisis Center - because you are concerned about domestic violence, sexual assaults, and human trafficking, because you want to meet and work with people who share your vision, or because you have a talent you can share to help make a difference for people in... Read The Rest
Make An Impact With Us
The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County has partnered with the Johnson County Community Supervision Department and other local area courts as well.  If you are court ordered to perform community service, please let your probation officer, or Sandy at our community service office, know if you would like to perform your service with us. Choosing to complete your community service with us not only can satisfy your court-imposed requirements but also provides an invaluable contribution to the lives of countless individuals in Johnson County. The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County is a haven for many seeking help, and your... Read The Rest

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