Story of a Long-Time Volunteer

The True Spirit of Giving

2011-10-31Updated: 2022-04-21 Family Crisis Center of Johnson County

The staff of the Family Crisis Center of Johnson County would like to recognize Sharen Rotenberry. Mrs.Rotenberry has been graciously volunteering her time and talents with the crisis center for more than 17 years.  Her total number of volunteer hours exceeds 7,000! What a HUGE accomplishment. 

During her time with the agency, Sharen has served as hotline support, provided peer counseling and resources for clients, organized paperwork, sorted donated items, assisted in the organization and production of MULTIPLE fundraising efforts, and secured grant funding for the agency through the ENF (ELKS National Foundation).

Along the way, Sharen recruited the talents of her husband Cliff.  Cliff has provided maintenance and support volunteer hours as well. Anytime we need them, they are here for us!  Having the Rotenberry Family on our side has proven invaluable in more ways than we can count.

Going the Extra Mile

Cliff and Sharen are active members in the Cleburne Elks Lodge. The Elks National Foundation has grant funding available to non-profit agencies and projects.  Years ago, Sharen wrote a $10,000 grant to provide nutritious meals and snacks for our shelter center. Due to Sharen's excellent record keeping and grant skills, the monies were awarded the MAXIMUM  number of THREE times to our agency.  

This allowed the organization to allocate funds previously set aside for groceries to other needs and programs.  Over the course of the last few years, Sharen and other lodge members have used their personal vehicles to go to the store and provide necessary groceries, truly going the extra mile for the Family Crisis Center of Johnson County. 

Many of us have formed deep personal friendships with Sharen over the years. There is really no true way to express to Sharen how much she means to each one of us so we will just say one BIG THANK YOU! Sharen, you are one awesome lady and we are proud you chose to volunteer at the Family Crisis Center of Johnson County all those years ago.