Community Education

Domestic Violence Awareness & Education

Community Education Domestic Violence AwarenessThe Family Crisis Center of Johnson County provides community education and professional training to local service and civic organizations. Our goal is to make sure members of other Johnson County organizations can understand how to spot, stop and report cases of domestic abuse and sexual assault when they see them or suspect them. 

Providing Domestic Abuse Education

  • Schools
  • Religious Groups
  • Health Care Organizations
  • Business Organizations
  • Civic Organizations 
  • Law Enforcement Organizations
  • Court Personnel
  • Educators
  • Professional Associations
  • Other Community Groups

Our community education programs teach these groups about domestic violence, so they know how to spot a domestic abuse situation. Through these community education programs, we hope to raise awareness and teach others how to prevent domestic violence and how to respond to it. 

Depending on the organization requesting education, we can provide seminars for all ages of groups. From elementary school kids to high school students and specialized seminars for adults.

For school-aged children, our programs focus on knowing how to identify an unhealthy relationship and how to end dating violence. 

For adults, many of our seminars focus on how to identify domestic violence and abuse both in the work place and in the community, and how to report it and how you can help. 

To schedule an education program, please call (817) 558-7171

The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County provides prevention activities in our local community.  These activities are centered on shifting paradigms and changing social norms that perpetuate violence.  

Prevention starts with education and the best way is to teach early. Structured curriculum is utilized in the local schools to educate children on behaviors that contribute to sexual violence such as: bullying, harassment, sexting, teen dating violence, gender roles, etc.

Educating and Preventing

Unfortunately, sexual violence can affect anyone. It does not discriminate based on race, social status, age, income or any other factors. Our goal at the Family Crisis Center of Johnson County is to prevent sexual and domestic assault at every opportunity. This starts with educating students. 

With primary prevention, it is important to point out how all forms of oppression contribute to the normalization of inequality and create an environment where violence can thrive. Through our prevention measures, it is imperative to educate on how we can all be more accepting, and make a bigger effort to end oppression and create a space where everyone feels welcome.

The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County strives to provide the most comprehensive services possible to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all citizens in our communities.

"It will take people of all genders to create a world without sexual violence. It is vital to change the paradigm of victim-centered prevention and speak of primary prevention of sexual violence in terms of stopping perpetration before it occurs." (  

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