How We Help Victims Get Back On Their Feet
The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County offers several programs to help you get the help that you deserve.  We also offer community programs in order to help Johnson County organizations spot, prevent and learn more about domestic violence and sexual assault. Through the programs offered by the Family Crisis Center of Johnson County, we are able to assist those who need it and guide them through the difficult legal process if necessary.  Programs at the Family Crisis Center of Johnson County Here is a list of just some of the programs that we can help you with. Remember you are never alone... Read The Rest
A Safe Place For Women, Men, and Children
The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County provides 24-hour emergency assistance to victims of family violence and sexual assault including men, women, and children. Our emergency shelter provides a safe haven for healing and care through our advocacy. Our goal is to provide victims a safe place while they explore their options. During a client's stay at the shelter, they will be provided with a host of case management and other services intended to assist them in obtaining safety as they transition to an independent life free from violence. Our staff will look at each case individually and come up with... Read The Rest
A Place For Healing and Sharing Your Story
The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County provides FREE therapeutic counseling, individual, family and group, for victims. The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County employs licensed therapists who provide individual as well as group counseling to victims of family violence and sexual assault. A women's issues group, domestic violence education, and parenting group are offered continually. The center has a program director, children's services coordinator, case manager, legal advocate, volunteer coordinator and other positions as well. The center also maintains a 24-hour crisis helpline. All services are provided free of charge The therapists we have on staff have spent countless hours working with victims of... Read The Rest
Domestic Violence Awareness & Education
The Family Crisis Center of Johnson County provides community education and professional training to local service and civic organizations. Our goal is to make sure members of other Johnson County organizations can understand how to spot, stop and report cases of domestic abuse and sexual assault when they see them or suspect them.  Providing Domestic Abuse Education Schools Religious Groups Health Care Organizations Business Organizations Civic Organizations  Law Enforcement Organizations Court Personnel Educators Professional Associations Other Community Groups Our community education programs teach these groups about domestic violence, so they know how to spot a domestic abuse situation. Through these community education programs, we hope to raise awareness and teach others how... Read The Rest

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